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predictive insights

Hire Talent with Pre-Employment Assessments

Take the guesswork out of your hiring process. Gain an accurate prediction of a candidate's ability, interest, and behavior in the job. Select the best fit for the role with Prevue Assessments.

Identify top talent faster

Reduce risk of bad hires

Improve quality of hire

Boost employee retention

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Find Your Ideal Candidate for Every Role

Prevue combines insights from three assessments to match you with the right candidate.
Cognitive Abilities
Prevue's Job-Fit

Gain Valuable Insights

Prevue compares the candidate to job-specific benchmarks and identifies how fit they are for the role. 

Custom Benchmarks: We take the characteristics that define your ideal employee and create job-specific profiles

Job Suitability Score: Get a clear, quantifiable measure of the candidate's suitability and degree of job fit

Targeted Interview Questions: Leverage data for guided interviews, focusing on the applicant's strengths and gaps

candidate insights



Reduced Turnover



Hiring Success Rate
Assess Candidates

Make Better, Faster Hiring Decisions

Select your final candidate knowing you have a comprehensive, in-depth undestanding of how they will perform in the role. 

Predict Job Success: Reduce the risk of bad hires and get an accurate prediction of the candidate's on-the-job performance

Efficient Screening: Streamline your hiring process and interview time by focusing on candidates with the highest potential

Hire With Confidence: Rely on predictive insights to help make unbiased, data-driven hiring decisions

Our Platform

Manage Candidate Assessments Easily

A seamless user-experience. Our platform is designed so that anyone can easily administer assessments, manage candidate data, and track results.

User-Friendly Navigation: Intuitive interface that allows you to understand, send assessments, and instantly access results easily.

Streamlined Data Management: Easily oversee your candidate pipeline, generate reports, and manage team organization. 


Helping businesses succeed for 30 years

"It is amazing how many times people read their own results and say that they are very accurate to who they are. The assessments are fact based, easy to understand and give us good insight into how a person might work."

Hannah H.
HR Manager

Prevue Assessment provides you insights beyond what people say in an interview summarizing what they *can* do, what they *want* to do and *how* they will approach doing it for you.

Thompson K.
Chief Strategy Officer

Streamline Your Approach to Hiring

Prevue Assessments provide hiring teams with the relevant and actionable insights they need to make informed hiring decisions. Save time, reduce costs, and decrease your time to hire with our suite of assessments.


Get more qualified candidates

Gain access to powerful tools and insights that will help you attract and retain top-notch candidates, ensuring the success and growth of your organization.